09 May 2022

Meet Royal Waash

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We always say “Nantsi Waash!” Meet Chumani Qelesile, one of the founders of Royal Waash Premium Craft Beer. He sat down and gave us a brief overview of his Touch Local Brand, Royal Waash Premium Craft Beer, available at the Granary.

It started with two black people with a vision. What we wanted to do as Royal Waash is to bring a premium craft beer to place that we live in. It’s a product that uplifts people. We use the lioness in our logo of our beer, because we always have a say that lions don’t eat grass.

So never settle for less. If you want to go get your dreams, you must do it. And life is too short to just sit around and wait for it. The name Royal Waash came about my partner being from the Royal family, hence Royal and then Waash is a slang name that is used for beer. It’s a hundred percent black owned.

One can expect a raw beer taste because it’s unfiltered, unpasteurized, so that people can get the actual taste of the beer. It’s what makes the beer different, because it’s who we are, we’re roar. So if anyone wants to get it tastes of royalty, they can come and get it at the Granary. It’s available and it’s always going to be available. THE GRANARY

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