11 July 2022

Muffinz at the Granary

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The 30th of June presented a halfway mark and jazzy new beginning for us. We hosted our first live music at The Granary on Stanley, setting the tone for more romantic evenings to come. The award-winning, afro-soul band, The Muffinz and our amazing local artists joined in to create an evening of love and celebration under the warm light.

The Muffinz were initially scheduled to perform at our Touch Local Festival and due to what we’ll call an organisational blessing, we asked them to woo our diners at Thursday Live. One can honestly call it a fated event as they were on our radar for a while, but the opportunity never presented itself and when it did, so did we.

The Muffinz

As this was a first of many for us, to say we were delighted with the support isn’t doing it justice, selling out on the first event for Thursday Live is incredible. We’ll chalk it up to the scrumptious meals, the fragrant wine selection and our ever lovely community.

Thursday Live actually came about during discussions of how to reinvent ourselves to better cater to our diners and offer sophistication that wouldn’t compromise on quality meals, locally sourced wine, and excellent service. Three tends to be a party but after this, it’s safe to say we can be trusted with some great ones.

For our guests, we laid out an enchanting welcome with a soothing bass and acoustic drumming. Our carefully curated menus made sure that while some tasted the stars, others could relax with wine and a delectable dish from the chef —everyone was welcome.

Simply put, we can safely say that Thursday Live will present a variety of evenings that are a perfect fit for our casual sophistication and while we‘re proud to have so much success with the first one, we‘re excited to be hosting many more events in the coming weeks, with different themes and genres of music.

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